View of the Quai des Chartrons

Louis Burgade (1803-1876). Oil on canvas. 1835. 47 x 73 cm. Inv : 90.75.1

This view of the Quai des Chartrons looking upstream gives valuable indications about the port and the buildings around it.

To the right, in front of the Dutch houses, is the pyramidal fountain of the Chartrons.  Nine fountains, including this one, were established on the quays by Lucas, Master Fountaineer to Louis XV; they enabled boats to be supplied with fresh water. A little further on, the artist depicts the octroi's square building.
Between the latter and the fountain are the two small houses with columns which housed the Customs service. In the foreground, on the right,, men are preparing to launch a barque; at that time the banks had not yet been equipped with vertical quays.

Louis Burgade was a Bordeaux artist who devoted himself mainly to marine subjects; consequently he did not expend much effort in describing everyday land-based activities. He was more interested in representing the different types of boats that frequented the river. In the foreground, beyond the cutter transporting passengers, we see a fine frigate named Superbe of which Louis Burgade has depicted the rigging in detail, and close to the bank are three barges (one under sail), behind which is moored a cutter. In the distance, we assume the presence of a jetty towards which is moving a steamer with wheels and paddles. This wooden jetty enabled large vessels to tie up and was constructed in 1830.

View of the Quai des Chartrons by Louis Burgade (c) mairie de Bordeaux

View of the Quai des Chartrons by Louis Burgade (c) mairie de Bordeaux