Catalogue of the exhibition - Wine's soul sings in the bottles

L’âme du vin chante dans les bouteilles : de l’amphore à la bouteille, de la coupe au calice, cat. exp. Bordeaux, Musée d'Aquitaine ( 20 juin - 20 octobre 2009 ), Bordeaux, Musée d'Aquitaine, 2009


ISBN : 978-2-7572-0282-1

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« The many and varied vessels that have been made to contain wine - amphorae, barrels, bottles, carafes, pitchers, flasks, gourds, cups, glasses and chalices - tell us the story of menand of wine and of the way wine is conserved, transported and consumed. In a large sweep, from antiquity to present, in places of religion and at the tavern, at table or when travelling by foot, this remarkable book brings art, civilization together in a new approach to wine.

And, best of all, it can be admired and consulted without moderation ! »


Summary :

Introduction  p. 20
Amphorae and dolia  p. 25
Goatskins and wine  p. 31
" If it thunders in April, get your barrels ready ... "  p. 35
The bottle : its shape and use  p. 40
The retail sale of wine  p. 47
Drinking on the road  p.  51
The symposium : A mirror of Greek civilization  p. 55
Ancient glass  p. 57
Serving wine : from the Middle Ages to the 17th century  p. 62
Festive recipients of wine in the Renaissance  p. 66
Ceramics and wine  p. 70
From " French service " to " Rusiian Service "  p. 73
Wine service in the 19th and 20th centuries p. 79
The importance of the glass in tasting  p. 84
The bottle, between the compass and the set square  p. 87
Wine and health  p. 93
From Dionysus to Bacchus  p. 98
Wine in the Jewish tradition  p. 101
The chalice in the roman catholic liturgy  p. 104
Catalogue  p. 107
Catalogue of the exhibition - "Wine's soul sings in the bottles"

Catalogue of the exhibition - "Wine's soul sings in the bottles"