The Conservation Department

Under the direction of the Head Conservator, the museum's Conservation Department is responsible for the preventive conservation, study, enhancement and promotion of the collections.

Preventive conservation covers all of the measures necessary to preserve the collections on a long-term basis (classification, storage, restoration etc.). Study includes the inventory of the collections (verifying, item by item and on site, the presence of a work in the collections, its location and its condition) and their scientific publication.

The enhancement of the collections consists of introducing into the museum collections objects or batches of objects linked to the museum's themes according to a policy defined in the scientific and cultural plan (PSC).

Promotion is done in a variety of ways: temporary exhibitions, conferences, publications etc.

With more than 1.3 million objects, the collections of the Museum of Aquitaine are divided into major themes under the responsibility of a heritage conservator or a conservation officer:

To contact a conservator

Laurent Védrine, head conservator
Vincent Mistrot for the prehistoric and protohistoric periods
Anne Ziéglé for Antiquity and the early Middle Ages
Christian Block for the medieval and modern periods (9th to 18th centuries)
Geneviève Dupuis-Sabron for the 19th century, 20th century, the iconographical and textile collections
Paul Matharan for regional and non-European ethnology
Marina Pangrazi for antiquarian books and documentation
Jean-Marie Kabrane for the library
Odile Biller for the photo library
Isabelle Hoarau collections manager
Marie-Christine Hervé database manager