Cultural service

Making the museum a venue for enjoyment and training

True to its mediation mission, the Museum of Aquitaine throughout the year organises series of conferences, concerts, events, discussions and film screenings relating to the exhibition themes: history, archaeology, ethnology and subjects touching on civilisation or society. These subjects provide valuable keys to understanding the events of today in the light of history.

The Museum of Aquitaine also has a very active policy regarding universities. The cultural department is responsible for links with the University and an extensive network has been implemented involving the presence of academics on the museum's scientific and cultural council, participation in the conference series, arranging student placements, private evenings for academic staff, hosting discussions linked to the museum's vocation, organising international conferences initiated by the museum relating to the temporary exhibitions or the national commemoration of slavery.

The Museum of Aquitaine also participates in the development of the activities of the Friends of the Museum of Aquitaine association, which has 350 members.

In addition to the conference series organised in relation to temporary exhibitions, discussions with the university and musical or festive events, the museum is also involved in a number of local or national events throughout the year and during the course of which it organises events – generally in partnership with associations – that attract greater visitor numbers:  the Poetry Festival with the Théâtre des Tafurs in March, Itineraries of Travelling Photographers in April, the Commemoration of Slavery in May (with an international conference, "Atlantic encounters", organised every two years), the Night of Museums in May and Heritage Days in September.







Cultural service. Photo mairie de Bordeaux