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Hugo Pratt, horizon lines

May 19, 2021 - February 6, 2022

This exhibition based on the modèle of the one created by the « musée des confluences » of Lyon, put  original’s works of Hugo pratt in perspective and extra-western ethnographic objects, illustrating the geographic spaces visited by the heros of his stories, in particular the adventurer marin, Corto Maltese.
The main themes studied by the musée des Confluences will be reused and illustrated here by some new works from Aquitaine’s museum reserves, and some others from national and international museums. Several themes will be consacreted to Asia or from the world musical’s influence in the work of Pratt.

Help the cultural programming of this exhibition

Assciating to this exhibition you’ll contribuate to the organization of guided tours for evreybody, for groups or indivudals.  Linking with the exhibition’s themes, the museum will be pleased to invit, one Sunday a month, an author of comic strips to put his look at the works of Hugo pratt Booklets will also be created and given free to young public, to travel throught the univers of Hugo pratt and play by the same time. Young visitors will be able to benefit from workshops open during scholl holidays.
As the museum is always a place of sharing, a fiveteen of dates will be proposed freely and in free access : meeting with authors, reading, drawn concerts, movies, conferences…the programme is built with severals cultural parteners and artists to whom the museum open its doors. Ended, strongly engaged in favour of public, away from the culture, and particularly young people, the museum of Aquitaine works in close collaboration with the actors of education and from social field  
Several projects are developing to connect these audiences with the artists of the comic strip, offering a time of discovery and initiation to the creation.
You would like participating to those projects and discover the advantages of the circle of patrons...
Contact : responsable of patrons and partners : ma.blanchet@mairie-bordeaux.fr 
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