Logbook of the Bordeaux slaver Le Patriote

284 pages, Paul Alexandre Brizard, captain
10th April 1789- 17th February 1791. Deposit from the Bordeaux Archaeological Society. Inv. D.80.2.49

The slaver Le Patriot, equipped by the Journu brothers, left the Gironde on 10th October 1788 bound for the Seychelles, Puducherry, Mauritius, Reunion, the Cape of Good Hope, Ascension Island and the Antilles.

The logbook covers the period from the ship's departure from Mauritius on 10th April 1789 until its arrival in Bordeaux on 17th February 1791. The ship had taken on board 216 black slaves. 61 deaths are mentioned during the ship's passage. Around 150 black slaves were sold; 14 at the Cape of Good Hope and the others at Martinique and Santo Domingo.

Logbook of the Bordeaux slaver 'Le Patriote'. Photo J.-M.Arnaud city hall of Bordeaux