Reconstructed grocer's shop early 20 century

24m2. Inv.2011.10.1

Reconstructed grocer's shop early 20 centuryThe products and advertising items presented illustrate the peak of the foodstuffs factories in Bordeaux and the trade that resulted during the entire first half of the 20th century.

This superb collection, unequalled in Aquitaine, evokes one of the main sectors of Gironde economic activity. Wonderfully presented with furniture characteristic of the period, it reconstructs Bordeaux brands which are today almost all only memories, while also emphasising the significant industrial and commercial activity of the Bordeaux area.

-with furniture and accessories (around 1900): counters, shelves, roasting machine, cash register and cash desk, Roberval scales, coffee grinder and counter pepper grinder, Bordeaux vinegar pot, display for tins of polish, brine bucket, glass window with wooden frame etc.

- stocked with Bordeaux and Gironde products (bottles of liqueurs and rum, sweets, bottles of Brasseries de l’Atlantique beer, tinned fruit and vegetables, tinned confectionery, sugar, jars of bonbons, Perain lollipop display, pots of mustard, Le Lormontais stoneware pot, Vieillard faience foie gras terrine, Comptoirs Entrepôts Girondins foie gras terrine, La Benauge yoghurts, packets of Saint-Marc soap power etc.).

- canvas lithographed boxes: dining car; school child's lunchbox; festive scene and samples for demonstrations by representatives of the House of Olibet; Erismann, Cadio Badie and Talencia bonbon boxes etc.

- enamel plaques: Prima coffee, Masset coffee, Saint Esprit rum, Moko rum, Cayora oil

- lithographed canvases: Salambo rum from the House of Bardinet, Charleston rum from the House of Marie Brizard, Hanappier liqueur, Duret olive oil, Champes ainé olive oil, Dufour peas etc.

- posters: Saint Marc soap powder, La Perdrix soap, Père Kermann liqueur, Cordial Médoc liqueur, Bordeaux colonial and international exhibition, Croix Verte oil etc.

Already prosperous before 1914, the Bordeaux agri-foodstuffs industry was founded on the wealth and diversity of the products provided by the town's agricultural hinterland, the overseas colonies and the port trade. The main sectors were oil-producers (Maurel et Prom, l’Huilerie franco-coloniale, la Grande-Huilerie bordelaise), the canning industry (Maison Rödel) and the liqueur and aperitif industry (Marie Brizard et Roger, Maison Bardinet, Maison Secrestat), sugar refineries (Frugès, Sainte-Croix, Tivoli, Saint-Rémi), chocolate makers (la Chocolaterie de Guyenne, la Maison Louit), mills (la Compagnie des Grands Moulins de Bordeaux), biscuit makers (Olibet) and cod drying. The development of the chemical industry, another important sector in Bordeaux, is also examined with products such as Saint-Marc soap powder and the soap-maker La Perdrix.

Reconstructed grocer's shop early 20 century (c) mairie de Bordeaux photo L. Gauthier