Reintegration of young people

TAPAJ is a rehabilitation programme for social reintegration, created in 2000 in Montreal.
Imported to Bordeaux in 2011 by the CEID (Comité d'Etude et d'Information sur la Drogue) and the city council, it is now being tested in more than ten cities in France. Tapajeurs" are wandering young people, aged 18 to 25 and homeless. In a situation of family breakdown and great precariousness, they live by begging, are reluctant to come into contact with institutions, are users of psychoactive substances, victims of exclusion...
In 2015, the museum of Aquitaine  experimented with welcoming a dozen tapajeurs for a flyer distribution mission in the centre of Bordeaux. The alternative work programme paid by the day enabled them to carry out missions for 10 €/hour paid at the end of the day.
Today, the museum wishes to reiterate and perpetuate its action in favour of these young people in a situation of social rupture, by offering them several missions within the museum. Four projects have already been identified, in collaboration with the specialised educators of the CEID Addictions and the museum's teams: packing, distribution of flyers, maintenance of the museum's surroundings, classification and verification of periodicals. In addition to a paid job, the aim is to offer the tapajeurs a time of sharing within a structuring cultural facility, to allow them to explore the premises before each work session and to discover a wide variety of jobs.
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Contact: Marion Blanchet, Head of Sponsorship and Partnerships: ma.blanchet@mairie-bordeaux.fr33 (0)5 56 01 51 09