Touret-wearing ladies

13th century. Limestone. Inv. D.80.2.240 and 11 797

Knighting, tournaments and marriages and many other events were pretexts for the knights and their ladies to sing, dance, be entertained and parade their finery. These coquettish young women of the 13th century are wearing the "touret" headdress which was fashionable during the reign of Saint Louis, the king of France from 1226 to 1270. This pleated headdress is held in place by a chin strap that frames the face and emphasises its oval shape. Their almond-shaped eyes, thin lips and short noses accentuate the distinguished nature of these young ladies, who were destined to be "courted" according to the rules of courtly love disseminated throughout the region by troubadours.

Dazzled by the dangers confronted by the young knights seeking to win their love, they could in return instruct the apprentices in good manners, singing and dancing.

Touret-wearing ladies (c) mairie de Bordeaux Photo L. Gauthier