Wine tasting cup of Roland Daraspe

Come from a wine set contain corkscrew (1996, silver, rosewood. Inv. 2005.16.3), coaster (1997, silver, cornelian, mahogany. Inv. 2005.16.1) and wine thermometer (2004, silver, wenge. Inv. 2005.16. 4). Patronage of Bernard Magrez
Created in 1996. Silver. Inv. 2005.16.2

Corkscrew of Roland DaraspeThis assemblage of four very beautiful objects associated with win was produced by contemporary silversmith Roland Daraspe (born at Versailles, 1950). Working at Macau in the Médoc, the work of this master has travelled beyond the frontiers of Aquitaine to be recognised on an international scale.

Coaster of Roland DaraspeEach object is produced from one or more sheets of solid silver formed by hammering and welded together. The wine thermometer, corkscrew, coaster and wine tasting cup are all essential accessories to the wine ritual.
The shape of the wine tasting cup is specific to Bordeaux. Its opening serves to release the aromas of the wine and its rounded base to admire its colours.

Wine thermometer of Roland DaraspeThese four creations are characterised by the elegance and sobriety of their form, the precious materials used, the refined gleam of the silver and their extremely careful execution.

Roland Daraspe demonstrates great talent in his innovations, while still respecting tradition and ancient savoir-faire. He raises these utilitarian objects to the rank of exceptional works of art.


Wine tasting cup of Roland Daraspe (c) mairie de Bordeaux