Guided tour of the permanent collections

A journey through 400,000 years of history
Wednesday 27 July 2022, 16:00
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Explore 400,000 years of history, from the very first signs of human life in the region to the 21st century

With our English speaking guide, walk through the ages and discover the history of Bordeaux, from prehistory to today.

On the ground floor, discover Prehistoric art and the revolution of the Neolithic Age and the Bronze and Iron Ages, up to the conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar.
At this time, Burdigala became a prosperous town as shown in the remarkable collection of sculptures and inscriptions. The Middle Ages and the Renaissance,
marked by numerous wars, were periods of intense artistic and economic activity.
On the first floor, the door opens to the rest of the world. In the 18th century, Bordeaux was one of the most beautiful cities in the Kingdom of France. Its strength lay
in the wine trade and its close ties with the island of Santo Domingo, today Haiti. The work in the plantations there was carried out by hundreds of thousands of slaves taken by force from Africa. In the 19th century, after the abolition of trafficking and then slavery, Bordeaux played a role in the colonial expansion of France.
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