Projections of the Bordeaux international festival of independant movie

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Sunday 05 October 2014, 14:30
FIFIB Festival international du film indépendant de Bordeaux - October 7-12th, 2014
  • « BIM BAM BOOM Las Luchas Morenas », by Marie Losier
    12' , 2014

Three women, three sisters, three wrestlers! The sister Moreno practises the wrestling, the national sport in Mexico. Different on the boxing ring, but also in their life …

  • « Norteado », by Rigoberto Perezcano
    1:35', 2010
Native of the province of Oaxaca in the South of Mexico, Andres, a young farmer dreams, as number of his fellow countrymen, to cross the border which separates him from the American El Dorado.
  •  « Perdita Durango », by Alex de la Iglesia
    2:06', 1997

Come to Mexico to scatter ashes of her sister, Perdita Durango gets acquainted with Romeo Dolorosa, has criminal follower of the black magic and the human sacrifices, of which she falls madly in love.

The FIFIB will take place from 7 till 12 October 2014. Find all the information on their web site.
Extract of the movie "Bim Bam Boom La Luchas Morenas"

Extract of the movie "Bim Bam Boom La Luchas Morenas"