Games booklets from the permanent collection

Discovery of the permanent collections in the form of a booklet aimed at children 8 to 12 years.





"Strange creatures in the museum"

Game booklet on the theme of animals through time enabling the child to discover, draw, narrate and remember the Museum of Aquitaine's permanent collections.s. 

From Year 1 to Year 4.
Duration 1.15 hours
With a guide

 Download the game booklet by clicking on the link. 



Veni, vedi, legi
Guided by a facilitator, budding Latin scholars are invited to discover the ancient inscriptions in the Gallo-Roman collections.
he children are quickly able to decipher these "secret messages" in the stones of the past. Latin suddenly becomes fun!



(c) mairie de Bordeaux photo L. Gauthier
My holiday diary 
A little diary where you can discover, note, draw, narrate and remember the museum.
Fill the book by wandering through time in the permanent collections.
From 5 years to primary school.