The 20th and 21st centuries

Welcome to the gateway to the 21st century!
This new exhibit showcases the major changes that took place in the city of Bordeaux, as well as the appeal of the Aquitaine area.
The exhibition was designed as a walking tour, through which you can discover the geography of the regional capital of Bordeaux and the surrounding area. You will discover the city in the 20th - 21st centuries, how it transformed over this time and its aspirations for the future, looking ahead to 2030-2050. Following the course of the river and its port-related activities, it explores the prestigious vineyards and the very special landscape of the Gironde estuary. 
Beyond the estuary, its journey continues along the Royan coast to Bidassoa, then behind the sand dune ridge, where it is absorbed by the Lande de Gascogne forest. Continuing the journey inland, we then take a look at the different inland regions from a geographical, environmental, economic, social and sometimes historical point of view. 
Finally, maps, films, large scale projections, interactive screens and soundscapes punctuate the different spaces of this unique exhibit.