Recumbent figure of a knight of Curton

13th century. Limestone. Inv. D.2000.2.1

This superb 13th century recumbent figure of a knight was preserved in the grounds of the Château de Tustal in Gironde until 2000. After having been restored and studied, it became the star of the exhibition "Life and death of a knight", since when has been preserved in the Museum of Aquitaine.

Of imposing size (more than 2 metres long and weighing around 600 kg), it depicts the lord of Curton, identified by the crowned lion decorating his shield. Represented armed, his body protected by a gamboison (a quilted fabric jacket), his head and legs covered with chainmail, he wears his sword at his side: he is thus ready to rise up on the Day of Judgement, provided that as a knight he has always been true to the ideals of loyalty, prowess and generosity required by this medieval warrior elite.

Recumbent figure of a knight of Curton (c) mairie de Bordeaux. Photo B. Fontanel