Technical service

The Museum of Aquitaine possesses its own technical team which enables it to constantly improve its visitor experience through exhibitions and services.
This team is composed of eight agents plus one apprentice. These agents must be all-rounders. 

The Museum of Aquitaine offers 5000m2 of permanent exhibitions. These exhibitions require constant maintenance and must also be developed. The team works on them in collaboration with the conservators.

The temporary exhibitions occupy a place of importance in the calendar, and their preparation may extend over periods of one to six months.
All of the team's expertise is required to produce living, original and attractive exhibitions.

The conservation of the works also requires the involvement of the technicians. With the conservators and the collections manager, projects to improve or redevelop the store of works are undertaken continuously.

On a daily basis, the team also deals with the minor tasks linked to the functioning of the museum and the comfort of its users and staff. The technical team thus contributes every day to the Museum of Aquitaine's mission of cultural communication.

Technical service. Photo mairie de Bordeaux